Inner Compass Yoga

        My dream, or yoga mission is to spread as much love and peace around the world as I possibly can. Working towards spreading this love and peace globally by creating self love and acceptance and ultimately inner peace. I aim to provide a serene, safe, welcoming and playful environment for all my students, no matter where we are practicing. I hope to help reconnect people with their breath, body, soul and nature, through movement and meditation. Creating a place where everyone feels free to explore and be curious about their own body by developing their own individual yoga practice. I truly believe the power to heal, grow and change is locked within everyone and yoga helps us to find the keys we already possess to unlock this amazing potential and self transformation. What you think, you become, and if we can change our thoughts we can can change our bodies and thus our lives. Yoga is a gift I wish to share with everyone, how we unwrap it is vey different and what is inside is unique for everyone, but when you find it everything begins to make more sense and fall into place.  By creating a calm and peaceful mind, an open and compassionate heart and a strong feeling of self acceptance and connection. We then begin to transform our thoughts and understand that everything and everyone is connected and love is the strongest emotion in the world. 

Pricing and Classes

Bringing yoga to you at home, your workplace, your favourite pub or brew house or within the yoga studio.



$15 per class- drop in

$75 for a 5x punch pass

$130 for a 10x punch pass

$75 for 6 class series 

$100 for 8 class series 

$125 for 10 class series


Private Sessions

Maximum of 2 people per session

A conversation about what you would like to focus on and an assessment of your needs. Also included is a 15-30min class will be designed specifically for your body and your needs. 

$75 for first session between 75-90min 

3 sessions for $200

Fall sale- 2 sessions for $100 or 4 for $200


Beginner Yoga

This is a class perfect for anyone who is new to yoga or just starting out.  We will go a little slower through the different postures to give you time to set up and feel comfortable and connected to your body.  We will briefly touch on all elements of yoga with a focus on grounding, breath, asana and mindfulness.


Yin/Yang Fusion

Including meditation, pranayama, asana, breath focus and meditation.  This class is great for any beginner who is interested in trying some yin yoga, but it unsure what to expect.  The is a wonderful combination of slow flow, strengthening, vitalizing movement as well as, grounding and going a bit deeper into your body and postures. A beautiful combination of dark and light, strength and softness, yin and yang. 


Men’s Beginner Yoga

A great class for any man new to yoga and a little  unsure or nervous of what to expect.  These classes will be adapted and tailored to the group’s needs and interests. It will introduce some of the elements of yoga in a safe and gentle environment so you can become more curious and aware about you body and how it functions and moves. 


Yoga For Chronic Pain and Injury

This is a gentle class for people who have been in an accident of suffer from trauma and/or chronic pain.  We will work together to increase range of motion and deeper our understanding of pain and its affects on the body, mind and soul. The focus will be on mindfully connecting the breath with the body and trying to figure out what your body is telling you. 

Gentle Yoga with Ball Rolling 

A gentle yoga practice that incorporates massage balls to ease tension, create space and increase flexibility. It will enable and deepen your practice.  It will teach and inform you about your own anatomy and help you let go of emotional blocks, trauma and stress. You will feel more centered, grounded and more at ease both physically and emotionally. This is a nurturing practice that is suitable for all levels.

Core Flow Yoga

This is a class with a more energetic and grounding focus. We will bring up your heart rate with some flow and temperature initiating the fire element which aids in digestion. It will include all the regular elements of a yoga class, with a focus on the core and pelvic floor.  This is a great class for anyone who feels weak or too tight in their core area or suffers from back pain. It will combine both strengthening and lengthening asana postures in a playful yet mindful sequence with a core focus throughout the class.


Yin/Restorative Fusion

This combines two therapeutic classes that are meditative, slow paced and help balance out an active lifestyle.  We will explore long deep stretching to enhance flexibility, joint movement while healing and realigning the connective tissues in the body. Finishing off with a few restorative postures to deepen your practice and concentrate more on breath, mindfulness, letting go and bringing your awareness introspectively. Perfect for those who have difficulty with sleep, anxiety, stress, tension, tight muscles or just find it difficult to relax or slow down. 

My Story

Yoga to me is connection in every sense of the word. Connection to the body, breath, mind and spirit. The eight limbs of yoga allows us to build on our connection with ourself, with each other, with nature and with the universe. Yoga is the key to the beautiful doorway into the soul, unlocking every possibility. This, bringing about a deeper awareness and acceptance and a knowing that we are all made up of the same things underneath our skin, we are all part of this vast, amazing universe and we are one. With this realization that we are all connected, a deeper love builds for self, others, animals, nature and the universe. 

My name is Lena Watt, and yoga has been a big part of my life for seventeen years now and I have been teaching for the past three years. Yoga has taught me patience, self love and acceptance so far and it will continue to teach me many things throughout this journey. My practice has helped me heal both my body and mind from many different injuries and has brought about clarity during those difficult times. It continues to challenge me and give me strength and perspective both on and off the mat. Yoga inspires me to be more mindful, enjoy the simple things in life and live in the moment. I want to share my love and passion for yoga with as many people as possible.  I want to help people build a connection with their body and mind. To become more curious about their body, pain, feelings and explore different possibilities. To help people slow down and appreciate what they have. And to help people heal emotionally, physically and mentally. 

I am a life long learner and I will continue to grow and learn both as a teacher and student. Knowledge is power, and curiosity is a gift. I value every teacher I have had in my life so far, and I am both humbled and grateful for all the tough lessons I have learned. I completed my 200 hour vinyasa flow training with Banyan Gallagher from Warrior 2 Yoga in beautiful Costa Rica. I am currently completing my 800 level yoga therapy degree with Ajna Yoga. I also have a Bachelor or Arts degree with a major in Physical Education and a minor in Enviromental Geography, along with a teaching degree. 

I teach a variety of different classes, ranging from beginner to a more advanced flow class. I love teaching yoga for chronic pain classes and yin and yang classes. I don't feel like I have one particular style, I feed off my students and feel the energy in the room and that helps to shape the class. Although, I do enjoy combining creative sequences, an inspiring spiritual connection and a pinch of playfulness. I am very attentive and open minded and always welcome questions before and after class. I seek to provide my students with a dynamic class that nourishes the body, mind and soul. Which will bring about a deeper connection to self and stepping off the mat feeling more focused, grounded, refreshed and balanced. 

Do what makes your soul happy every day!
Do what makes your soul happy every day!

Building my yoga practice, building friendships and building connections.
Building my yoga practice, building friendships and building connections.